Ricky Parker-Morris

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Ricky Parker-Morris is the Driver Representative for our Special Saloons and Modsports Series and currently races a Peugeot 309 in the series.

Once leaving technical high school I completed an indentured apprenticeship with the MoD in Mechanical Engineering, moving on to work as a race engine machinist with Race Engine Developments in the early 80's, all of which has helped me on the technical side of being a builder and competitor.

My motor racing career however, started way back when I was 12, motor crossing a BSA Bantam against the likes of Suzuki, KTM and Honda - all weapons in comparison! At 14 years old I was given a seat in a Lotus powered Mk1 Escort Autocross car and having got the bug I built my own 1700cc X-flowed Anglia for Hot Rods on grass just a year later. Grass Track and PRI Hot Rods then saw me through to the age of 21 with a selection of Anglias and Escorts, before a Mallock U2 in F1300 started me on the tarmac circuits for a season. After several years of Special Saloons, Hill Climbs and Hot Rods in a series of Ford Escorts, my brother and I decided to pool all our hardware, sell it all and build a RWD Peugeot 205 with a Manta 400 engine for Class B Thundersaloons. Along with Ray Addis we went on to build the Peugeot 309 Thundersaloon which we have been racing in the series. Using the suspension from a Tiga C2 sports car the 309 was originally fitted with a Manta 400 engine, and in the 90's we then moved up into Class A with the Cosworth YB, the spec as the car is to this day.

My aim as Driver Representative is to generate publicity for the CSCC Special Saloons and Modsports series, locate and flush out the drivers and the cars eligible to race in the series, to hopefully build up the grid numbers and help to keep these complex cars alive and give us all somewhere to race into the future.

If anyone knows of any lost or stored cars please let me know, so we can endeavour to return the cars to track, where they belong, so everyone can reap the benefits of these unique, one-off machines that took thousands of hours to build.

Special Saloons and Modsports Driver Representative