Toby Harris

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My motor-sports adventures started in the mid 80's with co-driving on stage rallies with my brother in a 1300 Mk1 Escort. I then built and drove my own 1300 X-Flow Vauxhall Chevette before migrating to a 1400 BDA engined RWD Fiesta for national “Motoring News” tarmac events in the late 90's. Rallying gave way to sprinting in the early noughties, in which the sprint car (Ford Puma Turbo) is double entered with my partner Lisa Selby. In 2008 I decided it was time to try racing, so bought a Fiesta XR2i which I also shared with Lisa. In 2010 we entered our first race in CSCC Tin Tops as the 40 minute double driver format meant we could both race at every meeting. To date we can be found racing in CSCC Tin Tops in our 1600 Ford Puma. Despite not having a rally car, I’m still quite involved with club rallying, doing the odd spot of co-driving as well as being a licensed Rally Clerk of the Course on our clubs annual stage rally.

Aside from motor-sport my other hobbies include playing table tennis (I also run the local league website), building various electronic widgets (that what Lisa calls them!) and looking after our two Siamese cats. During office hours you will find me sat at a computer being a Senior Software Engineer helping to design, develop and test software for use in the rail industry. Past project include software for industrial CNC machines and for financial organisations.


New Millennium Driver Representative